Friday, March 4, 2022

shoutout chefarmor

 shoutout chefarmor

lotta style

 i have completely redone my website at, it looks a lot better now

also completely redid the blog in a similar theme, and i am considering finally using it, stay tuned!

ok bye

Friday, November 19, 2021


 i ALMOSt impulsively made this blog the home page of ACT25

i kind of like it and i can use the pages feature to make regular parts of stuff

(possible) plan ideas: 

- make the blog? and move the HTML raw version to or something?

- what about ew google sites but also kinda thicc 👀

- i could also try making a cool one page website with a bunch of fancy stuff perhaps maybe and cool scrolling effects?

On second thought, I think that option 3 would be pretty cool. But what about this blog?

subdomains that could be the current act25 if it becomes "deprecated":,,, 

yeah on second thought the current act25 website is kinda balls. Even tho it's coded from scratch and that's fun and all, I totally took the wrong approach to doing some things like subpage back links (paths) which are all typed by hand. Also I don't know much javascript and my HTML/CSS development skills are pretty limited

k bye


 blogging is fun because it's all about me me me

speaking of "me me me"

any gecs fans? (yes i know no one will read this)